Excursion to the production facility of SCHOTT AG in Mainz on April 28th, 2014

On April 28th, 2014 the SCHOTT AG in Mainz has been visited by the DGM (= German Society for Materials Science). Students, research assistants and Ph.D. candidates as well as Dr. Fischer, the director of the DGM, followed the invitation to the SCHOTT headquarters to learn more about our company.

Dr. Langfeld from SCHOTT, who is a member of the advisory board of the DGM, welcomed our guests with a short company overview and a presentation of our image trailer, which attracted the attention of the audience immediately. The presentation on the topic “What is glass?” by Dr. Dahlmann was followed by visiting the permanent exhibition in the Erich-Schott-Centrum, explaining the manifold applications of glass to our guests. The participants started well prepared with this necessary background knowledge and protective clothing to a guided production tour, the highlight of the day.

A nice conclusion of the event was the presentation “Career @SCHOTT” hold by the HR manager Mrs. Claudia Müller. Information about entry options and career development engaged the interest of the audience and a lively discussion developed.

We would like to thank the visitors for the active participation and hope that everybody keeps SCHOTT in positive memory as an attractive technology company and employer brand.