Award Committee I


Preiskuratorium I

Zugriff verweigert

Tammann - Commemorative Coin

Far-reaching development concept!

DGM - Prize

Breakthrough in MatWerk!

DGM - Pioneer

Expansion of the expert network!

Rules of Procedure

The award committee prepares the decisions of the executive committee for the selection of the award winners. The guidelines adopted by the Board for the distribution of this prize are authoritative for the deliberations. The awards of the honorary membership, the Heyn-Denkmünze, the DGM-Preis, the DGM-Pionier and the Tammann-Gedenkmünze have the overall aim to increase the reputation of the DGM and to increase its sphere of activity in research and practice equally. In this context it is important to ensure that all DGM members are given the opportunity to submit candidate proposals in due time. The invitation to nominate candidates is made via all communication channels of the DGM. In addition, all spokespersons of the DGM committees will be informed and designated personalities (e.g. former award winners) will be invited to be nominated. Should a nomination not be considered for formal reasons, the submitter will receive written feedback. 

The meeting is chaired by the Presidents of the DGM or the two Vice-Presidents. Decisions of the award committee have the character of proposals to the executive committee. They are not binding. The award committee has a quorum if at least five members are present. Decisions are taken by mutual agreement. If this is not possible, a resolution shall be deemed to have been passed if more than half of those entitled to vote agree to it. The Executive Committee shall be informed of the way in which the resolutions were passed (by mutual agreement or vote). The invitation to the meeting is issued by the DGM office.  The DGM office is responsible for monitoring the date of the timely invitation. 

Minutes of the meeting shall be drawn up and signed by the chairman of the meeting and sent confidentially to the members of the committee.