Sustainably clean!

A good climate is important. This applies to our private lives as well as our working lives and in protection of the environment. As the emissions of pollutants rise with the mobility and energy use of our society, efficient and sustainable strategies in the area of ecology are in more demand than ever before. The field of environment and climate protection in Germany is as broad as it is young. As, according to the government, two thirds of all technologies are dependent on materials aspects, the field of Materials science and engineering  is indispensable.

In the field of environment- and resource-friendly materials, the spectrum of light metal components or streamlined surfaces suffices for car or aeroplane construction, through nanostructured materials that can produce electricity from heat, to printable solar cells for bags or micro-sensors for clothing, that will soon make it possible to “harvest” energy for laptops directly from the surroundings or transform the pressure from a jogger’s running shoe into electricity for an MP3 player.

But also in questions of manufacturing and process technology, Materials science and engineering  ensures that resource- friendly and ecologically sound developments keep our environment clean, or make it clean again.

With its technical committees, the DGM sets decisive standards and provides pivotal impetus.