Lighter, cheaper, faster!

Life is movement, people want to travel. Fast, safe, comfortable, environment- and resource-saving ways of travelling on water, land and in the air, are gaining more importance in our mobile society.

Historically, Materials science and engineering “Made in Germany” has always been an important pioneer in all things mobile. From spark plugs through diesel engines to magnetic levitation trains, from gliders through jet engines to helicopters, inventors such as Robert Bosch, Rudolf Diesel, Hans ­Joachim Pabst von Ohain or Heinrich Focke, always made use of new developments in materials to put their ideas into action.

Nowadays, construction and composite materials, including wear resistant surfaces or low weight steels, make cars, aeroplanes, ships and trains: lighter, cheaper, more energy efficient, quieter and faster.

With its numerous technical committees, DGM provides that crucial impetus.