DGM creates SAFETY!

Naturally carefree!

We must talk. We want to mail, tweet, blog and skype, with ever smaller devices and in reliance on their security. Research and industry in Germany have risen to the challenges that this entails, with great dedication. Without materials science and engineering, smartphones or tablets remain mute. And the security risks would be incalculable.

Traditionally, Germany has had a good reputation in the areas of communication and security. With new materials, inventors such as Konrad Zuse (computer, 1941), Emil Berliner (record player, 1887), Fritz Pfleumer (audiotape, 1928) und Karlheinz Brandenburg (MP3-format, 1987) have written media history. The chip card developed by Jürgen Dethloff and Helmut Gröttrup made, not just cashless bank transactions, problem free at one blow, at the beginning of the 70s. The airbag introduced by Mercedes Benz in 1971 offered new protection on the road.

In general, materials science and engineering ensures, in our day to day lives, that computer parts, mobile phones, ICE-trains or wind turbines function safely.

Many DGM technical committees promote discussions, not least among those that make our world safer and more communicative.