DGM Prize

Breakthrough in materials science and engineering



The DGM Prize is awarded to an excellent scientist who is at the centre of his research career, for exceptional scientific or technical achievements, that represent a publicised, documented breakthrough in materials science and engineering or have opened a new field of research. The DGM Prize is awarded maximum once a year. It consists of a certificate and the sculpture "Durchbruch" (breakthrough).

Tender: DGM-Prize

The German Materials Society awards the DGM-PRIZE to an excellent scientist for outstanding scientific or scientific-technical achievements. The work should represent a breakthrough in materials science and materials engineering documented by publications or have opened up a new field of research. Dissertations should be excluded from the award. The prize is awarded to an excellent researcher amid his or her scientific career. The decision on the awarding of the prize is made by the DGM board of directors after hearing the award committee I. The decision of the board is final. The prize can be awarded at most once a year. The awarding of the prize can be suspended if no researcher's recognized as worthy of the prize. The prize may not be divided. The announcement of the award is made public on the occasion of a central event of the DGM of the respective year (e.g. DGM Day). The DGM-PRIZE consists of a certificate in which the awarding of the prize is announced, stating the special achievements of the prize winner and a special sculpture appropriate to the significance of the prize. The name of the prize is "DGM PRIZE XXXX" (XXXX in conjunction with the number of the year for which the prize is awarded). The announcement of the awarded prize will be published in the central presentation media of the DGM. Proposals are to be sent to the DGM office.

Submission of proposals for the honours and awards of the DGM

Submissions for the evaluation of candidates should be sent as PDF documents by email to: dgm@dgm.de

Documents: letter of appraisal (1-2 pages), CV, if necessary list of publications and any other information that may help in the evaluation of a candidate.

Suggestion will be accepted every year until 31st August.

Overview of the awards and honours of the DGM as a flyer: Download


Stefanie Welk – Wire Figures

Since 1992, Stefanie Welk has been working with the material wire, which she bends with her hands, knots or welds, transforming it into transparent sculptures. Often, she displays her wire objects in an exciting correlation with other materials like steel, wood or natural stone.

Her work shows the human being in his diverse relations with the world:

At first, tightly wound figures emerge, later mythological creatures. In the next stage of development, the figures expand into spherical shapes, wires making force fields around them, however in doing so, the boundary between the body and the surrounding space is no longer clearly definable. Her newer work shows dynamic groups of people as webs of connected lines. In Stefanie Welk’s work, metal is transformed into a transparent and breathable medium for intellectual currents, energy pathways, spheres of influence and energy fields, that emerge from her figures and which are permeated by them. Always recognizable in them, appears the inherent desire to surpass oneself, to expand oneself, to form networks and to take the plunge into the future.