Honorary Chairman

Scientific Achievement & Voluntary Commitment

DGM- Honorary Chair

With the honorary chair, DGM acknowledges extraordinary scientific achievements in services to the field of expertise materials science and technology, together with an exceptional voluntary commitment to the DGM.

In the almost 100-year history of the DGM, the honorary chair has up until now only been awarded to Prof. Georg Masing  and Prof, Günter Petzow.

Submission of proposals for the honours and awards of the DGM

Submissions for the evaluation of candidates should be sent as PDF documents by email to: dgm@dgm.de

Documents: letter of appraisal (1-2 pages), CV, if necessary list of publications and any other information that may help in the evaluation of a candidate.

Suggestion will be accepted every year until 31st August.

Overview of the awards and honours of the DGM as a flyer: Download