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DGM Honorary Membership

The DGM can distinguish members who have, in a material or immaterial respect, achieved something special for the association, through the presentation of the „Honorary membership of DGM“. The honorary membership is presented openly and formally during DGM-Day and is sealed with a document in which the services of the award-winner are summarized. 

Tender: DGM Honorary Membership

The German society for Materials Science can distinguish deserving members through the awarding of an honorary membership. The honour is called: “Honorary membership of the German Society for Materials Science”. The award is presented in the form of a certificate which details the services rendered by the award-winner, in summary. Honorary memberships are awarded during DGM-Day, maximum twice a year, based on the recommendations of the Award Committee I  and the decision made by the Executive Board. Honorary members do not pay a membership fee and receive the association’s magazine free of charge. An honorary membership will be awarded for special services to the DGM in a material or immaterial respect. The Executive Board decides upon the granting of an honorary membership. In this, it generally bases its decision on the recommendation given by the Award Committee I. In making these recommendations, every effort is made to find a balance between candidates from state research institutes and industry. The announcement of the presentation of the honorary membership takes place openly and formally on the occasion of the DGM-Day. The notification of the awarded prize follows in the DGM’s central presentation media.

Submission of proposals for the honours and awards of the DGM

Submissions for the evaluation of candidates should be sent as PDF documents by email to: dgm@dgm.de

Documents: letter of appraisal (1-2 pages), CV, if necessary list of publications and any other information that may help in the evaluation of a candidate.

Suggestion will be accepted every year until 31st August.

Overview of the awards and honours of the DGM as a flyer: Download