Technology Transfer Handbook

Technology Transfer Handbook

Technology Transfer Practice Handbook - innovative methods for transferring knowledge to industrial use

How can findings from basic research for industrial practice be used promptly? Which paths are there for the transfer of knowledge? And: How can this process be quickened?

Now the answers to these questions can be found in the Technology Transfer Practice Handbook, brought out by Prof. Frank Piller and Prof. Dennis Hilgers from the RWTH Aachen. New innovative methods and concepts which give new impetus for the transfer of knowledge and technology to industrial use are presented to the reader. A team of experts from various institutes present the methods clearly, give tips for their practical use and show ways of implementing them.

The book is aimed at employees of technology transfer offices, those responsible for this in scientific institutes, project managers and research institutes, at scientists who practise active transfer themselves and at gatekeepers and those in interface management in companies.

The book is available here as a Download.