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As Germany's largest providor of external research funding, the German Research Foundation (DFG) also plays a central role in the design of the research environment. Advised to do so by DGM committee members, in 2005 it recommended naming all research activities to do with materials uniformly and in so doing, establishing an independent, visible field of expertise in Germany. Its scientific councils "Materialwissenschaft" (materials science) and "Werkstofftechnik"(engineering) and their range of subjects have emerged from this recommendation. The DGM is the only organisation that is allowed to make recommendations on the choice of DFG Review Boards.

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German Research Foundation - DFG Funding Atlas 2015

 Materials science and engineering


In the period under review, in total, 260 million Euros were allotted for projects in the field of materials science and engineering. This equates to a share of 19 per cent of the entire DFG funds for engineering sciences. 76 higher-level institutions were involved in the funding. Here again,  the core of the allocation- active higher-level institutions is formed by TH Aachen, U Eerlangen-Nürnberg, KIT Karlsruhe and TU Darmstadt. Moreover, the TU Freiberg is very visible: with two current special research areas in this field of expertise, it proves to have a clear emphasis on engineering and leads the ranking list in this area. The research field materials science accounts for over 124 million Euros.

Funding Atlas 2015