DGM Assignments - Regional Forums

DGM Assignments - Regional forums

With the founding of regional forums, the DGM would like to increase its public perception locally and in so doing, in particular with young talent, position itself as a competent point of contact. Through regional activities, the DGM should become more visible and therefore attract new members, bind existing members and most importantly, approach young talent early.

Duties of the DGM - Regional forums:

  • Regular local meetings of DGM members to exchange experiences
  • Regional conferences for the industry and interested members of the public
  • Excursions for students and doctoral candidates
  • Further training and information events
  • Seminars for practice-oriented career planning for students and doctoral candidates
  • DGM-Summer Schools for students and doctoral candidates on the topics: communications training, third-party funding etc.
  • Presentation of a  DGM-Advancement Award in recognition of exceptional academic performance
  • Presentation of a DGM -Student Prize for school kids