Expert Forum 3D Microstructure Analysis and Tomography

The expert forum 3D Microstructure Analysis and Tomography in the DGM Expert Committee Materialography will deal with all aspects of cross-scale 3D imaging, reconstruction, analysis, simulation and visualization of material structures and facilitate and advance the professional exchange of experts and interdisciplinary cooperation in this field. Interesting scientific questions, both in the field of basic and applied research, will be identified at the meetings of the expert committee and joint third-party funding projects as well as workshops, symposia and conferences will be initiated under the DGM umbrella.

The main topics are set by special working groups, which are oriented towards the different methodological focuses of atom probe tomographyelectron tomographyX-ray tomographyserial section tomography and 3D data science. In the future, further working groups are also conceivable if this serves the overall theme.