A strong performance of European Materials Research: EUROMAT 2013 and MSE 2014, Review and Outlook

For some of us, there are too many conferences: Big ones and small ones, some with a very narrow focus and some with a wide focus. There may be some truth in that. And we know that we do not have enough of time and money to participate in all relevant conferences. But as we also know that there is an exceptionally fruitful “cross-fertilization” between materials, processes and methods, the big conferences covering a wide field like the EUROMAT last year and the MSE this year are of invaluable importance. They offer the chance to browse in the colorful pictorial of materials science and to be inspired above your own research chapter. Both conferences dedicate special attention to one important aspect: the opportunities for young international scientists.

Therefore, for the first time four tutorials - selected from numerous proposals by the symposia organizers - took place on Sunday before the opening of the EUROMAT 2013. The majority of these tutorials were very well attended by young participants and they should remain an inherent part of the EUROMAT in future.

The EUROMAT 2013 itself with 2,500 submitted abstracts was extremely successful. More than 1,500 talks and 900 posters gave a magnificent overview of the latest knowledge in materials science and engineering. The nine plenary talks did not only present fascinating highlights they also offered multiple occasions of inspiring discussions about future development.

In retrospective, I can say that the more than 120 experts within and outside Europe who have been active for the EUROMAT 2013 on different levels as members of the scientific committee, as topic coordinators, symposia organizers and session chairs for more than one and a half years, have designed a great event of European materials research. We would like to say thank you – also on behalf of the Federation of European Materials Societies (FEMS). Our special thanks go to those who carried the main work load in the managing committee under the leadership of Mrs Prof. Paloma Fernández and in Sevilla’s beautiful congress center “Barceló” under the leadership of Juan Carlos Garcia. They have acted extraordinarily successful, not only with a smooth organization but also with a love of detail. This EUROMAT 2013 and the Andalusian host city Sevilla will remain a great memory to all of us. We can hardly wait for the EUROMAT 2015 in Warsaw to come.


MSE 2014
This year, we look forward to the MSE in Darmstadt that will take place September 23-25, 2014. Next to a fascinating scientific program, the conference increasingly focuses on international young scientists. With the slogan "Young Researchers Meet Professionals" a junior career workshop and the DGM newcomer forum offer concomitant with the scientific main program appropriate further education and networking opportunities. Due to strong a mutual demand, this year the go-ahead will be given for a newly designed company networking forum on the MSE which is meant to serve as a recruiting platform between graduates and potential employers.

The special international flair of the MSE 2014 will be enriched by 6 symposia from the host country Brazil.

The organizers are pleased that Prof. Oliver Kraft, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, who has recently been elected president of the renowned Materials Research Society (MRS) will open the congress on Tuesday.

Until February 17, 2014 abstracts can be handed in for the conference:  http://www.mse-congress.de.

On behalf of the organizer DGM, all organizers and supporters, I wish us all the best in 2014 for the success of the MSE, this now well established international conference with a wide range of topics on materials science and engineering in Germany.

Frank Mücklich
Scientific Chair EUROMAT 2013



EUROMAT2013 was extremely well attended by all nations within and outside Europe. Germans represented the largest group of participants, followed by Spain and France. Poland as well being its next organizer was very strongly represented at the EUROMAT.


Just prior to the opening of EUROMAT: The president of the University of Sevilla (4th from left, a materials scientist himself!) together with the President of FEMS, Ehrenfried Zschech (2nd from left), Conference Chair, Frank Mücklich (3d from left) and the head of the managing committee, Paloma Fernández (5th from left) as well as several other representatives of the Scientific and Managing Committee. On the far right Co-Chair Agustin Gonzéles-Elipe.


The conference centre of Barceló offered a magnificent framework for EUROMAT. Its spacious conference and hotel complex did not only enable all parallel sessions to be held under one roof, it also offered an inviting atmosphere for numerous expert discussions and a snack in between.


Many students and young scientists from all over Europe met in Sevilla.


Even the youngest member of our group uses the opportunities to get informed.


During the social event the President of FEMS (on the right) and the Conference Chair (on the left) use some Andalusian traditions and study their potential for further developments of the European materials science.


Due to the Andalusian climate EUROMAT offered various opportunities of presentation during the event breaks as well.