Report on the Technical Committee meeting on Computer Simulation on 09.05.2019 in Düsseldorf

The motto of the meeting was to realign the technical committee to reflect the topics of modelling, simulation and data in the field of materials.

The current head of the Computer Simulation PD. Dr. Franz Roters welcomed the participants and after a short introduction gave a review of the technical committee which was founded in 1994/1995 under the leadership of Prof. Dierk Raabe. Since 2000, the committee has been led by Franz Roters. Its primary goal was to establish computer simulation in materials science. This has certainly been a complete success. However, the restructuring of the expert committee has been discussed for some time.

After a short presentation of Prof. Schmauder's currently only working group on microstructure mechanics by his colleague Denis Rapp, a discussion on the structuring of the new expert committee was continued, even with critical remarks.

In the end it was agreed that the technical committee should have the structure shown below and that Prof. Sandfeld will be unanimously proposed to the DGM board for election as head of the new technical committee "Materials Modelling, Simulation and Data".

The expert committee will be structured in the following working groups:

  • Coordination working group: A coordination working group will be set up, which will explicitly involve industry representatives in order to record their requirements and also serve them.
  • AK Mikrostrukturmechanik; Prof. Schmauder (Continued)
  • AK 3D Materials Data; Prof. Sandfeld (future joint working group of the FA Materialography and Materials Modelling, Simulation and Data)
  • AK Simulation Platforms
  • AK Phase field modelling
  • AK Atomic Studies

The next steps are the preparation of a first joint meeting of the Technical Committee and its working groups, in which the potential working group leaders present their visions and goals and then the general goals and tasks of the Technical Committee are defined. Because only with clear objectives does the work of the working groups make sense in addition to the multitude of events.

Dr. Stefan Klein
DGM specialist consultant

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