BMW Excursion to Leipzig

On 23 October 2014 DGM organized an excursion to the BMW plant in Leipzig. Twenty students of various fields of materials science and engineering from all over Germany travelled to Leipzig. Amongst the participants were also the General Manager of DGM, Dr.-Ing. Frank O. R. Fischer and Dipl.-Ing. Fahima Fischer, coordinator of DGM’s youth programmes.

The excursion allowed all participants to get an insight into the modern production of the electrically powered BMW i3 series. The tour provided an interesting insight into the various parts of the production plant, from the assembly via the paint finish to the quality control of the final product.

Thus, a large amount of weight can be saved through the deployment of carbon fiber reinforced plastics with high density. The lithium battery is favorably fitted within the vehicle floor to increase driving dynamics. Participants gained further insight through viewing the whole construction of the car as modules hovering one above the other. One of the highlights of the guided tour was seeing the passenger cabin made of high density and extremly light carbon (Life-Module) being joined with the chassis and engine components made of aluminium (Drive-Module) in an innovate bonding method.

The inside of the car feels very spacious because of the omitted drive shaft hump. Another outstanding feature is the reverse-opening doors that allow easy access to the vehicle.

The interesting technical impressions were followed by a lecture regarding entry-level career opportunities at BMW, ranging from internships while studying to jobs for degree candidates and doctorates. The BMW staff were helpful in answering all our questions competently. At this point, we would again like to thank BMW Leipzig for an exciting and instructive excursion. 

The next DGM excursion will take place in May 2015 to Hydro Aluminium Rolled Products GmbH in Neuss: