DGM Further Education & Training

You are interested in our training courses, but would like to receive them in English?

Then please send us a message which topics you are interested in: fortbildung@dgm.de

Your advantages of DGM further education:

  • Individual participant supervision due to small group size
  • Meet THE Experts in Materials Science and Engineering
  • Networking made easy:
  • Network with THE decision makers in the materials industry
  • Attractive price advantages for personal DGM members and employees of DGM member companies/institutes

Alternatively, we also offer tailor-made in-house training courses.

Inhouse Trainings:

Do you want to qualify the knowledge and skills of your employees and support them in their personal development? Do you want to train several people in your company on a specific topic? We offer you tailor-made training opportunities in your own premises or in a conference hotel near you. You decide individually whether you would like to make use of the existing contents of the DGM/INVENTUM training program or whether you would like to work with us to adapt or redesign the content and structure to your needs. We guarantee you a professional organization with outstanding speakers, lecturers and trainers!

Your benefits:

  • You determine the content, program items and procedure, adapted to the needs of your company
  • Free choice of place and time
  • We train your employees specifically on site
  • Travel and accommodation costs for your employees are eliminated
  • Cost advantage through subscriber-independent pricing
  • Faster and more effective implementation of the determined contents into the operational process
  • Discussion of sensitive internal company issues in a confidential atmosphere
  • Participants with different previous knowledge achieve the same level of knowledge
  • In addition to knowledge transfer, the focus is on your corporate goals

Promotion and improvement of internal company communication