DGM Study Guide available in fifth edition! (only in German)

The DGM- Study Guide supports interested pupils and students in choosing the right study location in the subject area MatWerk and can be obtained free of charge from the DGM office.

The DGM- Study Guide has now been published in its fifth edition and gives interested pupils and students a detailed and helpful overview of the range of courses offered in the field of materials science and materials technology (MatWerk). In addition to the study locations and the corresponding courses of study, the handbook provides information on admission regulations and specialisations at the various MatWerk locations.

In this way, the DGM study manual contributes to the achievement of one of the highest goals of the German Society for Materials Science, “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde e. V.” (DGM) - the recruitment and promotion of junior staff in MatWerk - and to inform the MatWerk junior staff about career opportunities in the field of materials science and technology.

You can obtain free copies of the DGM Study Guide by e-mail (nachwuchs@dgm.de) from the DGM office.

Download the DGM Study Guide: here