First Franco-German CMC Meeting

CMC² from France and Arbeitskreis „Verstärkung keramischer Werkstoffe“ from Germany met in Bordeaux

For the first time the French and the German Ceramic Matrix Composites communities (CMC² and Arbeitskreis Verstärkung keramischer Werkstoffe)  met for a scientific exchange. The meeting was held just after the HT-CMC 10 conference in Bordeaux and more than 60 people from both countries attended. In the discussion people from industry and academia agreed that there should be followup meetings which will be organized by Gerard Vignoles and Dietmar Koch. Those members of the communities who are interested to get more information may contact Gerard Vignoles and Dietmar Koch. The Arbeitskreis Verstärkung keramischer Werkstoffe is supported by Composites United (CU, formerly CCeV), by German Materials Society (DGM), and by German Ceramic Society (DKG). The GdR (CMC)2 : « Ceramic Matrix Composites: Conception, Modelling, Characterization ») is a National Research Group organized by CNRS with the financial help of 10 other contributors.