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Performance, energy efficiency and the sparing use of natural resources are playing an ever bigger role in the development of modern systems. This applies to vehicles of any type as well as to industrial machinery and buildings. Often, innovative materials act as trailblazers for the implementation of new technologies. In many cases, high-performance components can no longer be designed by using just one single material or material class. In order to fully utilize the specific properties of the materials used, several different materials are usually mixed in one component, especially in the field of lightweight design. If these combinations of materials are insoluble compounds, they are called multi material design products or hybrid structures. The term "hybrid" is of Greek origin and means "mixed, of mixed origin". These place special requirements on joining technology, design methods and manufacturing and are challenging in other aspects, too.

The combination of different materials in hybrid structures and material systems yields to some specific issues. These are addressed in thematic sessions focusing on special topics. Sessions with presentations on recent results from research and development will be:

Adhesion and Interfaces: How do composite parts adhere to other (metallic) materials?
Corrosion and Residual Stresses: How about galvanic corrosion and thermal residual stresses in the contact zone of different materials?
Joining and Joint Design: How to join components of different materials?
Design: What is a suitable design for hybrid structures?
Metal-Metal-Hybrids and Metal Matrix Composites: How to combine different metals and how to reinforce metals?
Hybrid Composites: How can different composite materials benefit from each other?
Machining and Processing: How to machine and process hybrid structures and materials?
Special Systems: What material combinations besides ‘common’ metal-composite-hybrids are promising?

Poster Session on different topics of hybrid structures and materials.

The goal of the conference is the exchange of information both among the disciplines involved and between the scientific community and industrial users. The new conference format with its lively mix of presentations with a practical bias and talks focusing more on scientific aspects is supposed to help achieve that objective.

An exhibition will be run throughout the whole conference. Are you interested in supporting  the conference and in presenting your company/institute? Please feel free to contact the Conference and Exhibition Office, Alexia Ploetz (INVENTUM GmbH,  Phone: +49 (0) 151 2122 7448,  e-Mail: for any questions or proposals regarding your company’s presentation.

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