Euromat conference: A unique atmosphere in Andalusia / 8-13 September 2014

This year’s Euromat conference took place in Seville, where delegates as well as organizers have encountered the unique atmosphere of a lively city.

Held every two years since 1989, the Euromat conferences gather academics and researchers from the industry with a large scope on materials science and technology and their application.

The conference was divided in six main areas with 53 symposia grouped in 22 topics. 1374 oral contributions and 939 poster contributions have been presented. In total, 1980 people were registered to the conference. Compared to the past two conferences, there has been an increase of plenary speakers from the United States of America, Italy and Sweden. Moreover, for the first time, an additional area devoted to career development, education and technology transfer was organized.

The Scientific and Managing Committees as well as the Topic Coordinators, the Symposium Organizers and the delegates did a great job, which made Euromat 2013 become a great success!

Here you can check the pictures of the conference: