EUROMAT Congress to be hosted by DGM in Dresden in September 2023

DGM is looking forward to welcome material scientists and engineers from all over the world to the EUROMAT in Dresden in September 2023.

On the occasion of the junior EUROMAT, which took place from 8 - 12 July in Budapest, Hungary, with over 250 participants, the Federation of European Materials Societies - FEMS - board of executive officers and its general assembly also met.

The DGM - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde - applied for the tender for the EUROMAT in 2023 and was selected to present its application at the board meeting. The high-profile application and the fact that the DGM has already organised three successful EUROMAT congresses (Aachen - 1989, Munich - 1999, Nuremberg - 2007) led to the board's recommendation to present the application to the general assembly and put it to the vote. The EUROMAT 2023 was awarded to the DGM with only one abstention.