Exhibitor of MSE2018: NANOVEA

NANOVEA - Firmly aligned with our vision, Nanovea aims to simplify advanced measurement technologies to stimulate materials engineering for the common good.

Ease of use, advanced automation and the dedication to superior accuracy are the driving forces behind its full range of precision instruments. As a Trusted Quality Manufacturer, our Profilometers, Mechanical Testers & Tribometers can be found internationally in distinguished educational and industrial organizations ranging from automotive to cosmetic, biotechnology to medical devices and from microelectronics to space applications. Thousands of clients rely on our accurate & honest solutions, superior instruments and experienced laboratory and consulting services. Today’s standard for tomorrow’s materials.

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Nanovea Inc.
6 Morgen Ste 156
Irvine, CA 92618
(United States)
T +1 949.461.9292