Forming Technology Forum 2013 – Modeling of process chains and interfaces for sheet metal forming

Scheduled from the 19th to the 20th of September 2013, the 6th Forming Technology Forum (FTF) took place in Herrsching a. Ammersee in Germany. The event is a well-established communication platform and is engaged in current trends in forming technology. Professionals from science and industry present the latest findings and results in research and practice.

The organisation and conception was effected in cooperation of the Institute of Metal Forming and Casting (utg) of Technische Universität München and the Institute of Virtual Manufacturing (IVP) of ETH Zürich in collaboration with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde e.V. (DGM).

This year’s focus of the forum laid on the Modeling of process chains and interfaces for sheet metal forming. In particular the key aspects were set in the fields of virtual planning processes, coupling manufacturing process – functional design, CAD-CAE-CAM-interfaces and load-based tool design.

The opening of the two days was given by plenary keynote contributions of the professors Hora (IVP) and Volk (utg). Subsequently initial presentations from industry attended to and placed emphasis on the main topics and in addition gave the go-ahead for the two parallel academic sessions. With lectures from research these sessions gave the possibility to get an insight into the latest solution approaches and concepts.

During the breaks and while having a get-together-dinner at the famous Andechs Monastery, there was not only the possibility for further discussion and to engross the impressions of the presentations and talks, but also for networking in a cozy and chummily circle.

Hence, the event provided a broad and expanded presentation of relevant contents due to both national and international participants and facilitated direct and specific communication and exchange on a professional’s level.

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The FTF as an exchange platform offers the chance to initiate new ideas and cooperations in the field of metal forming. For interested persons an occasion for this purpose is provided at the 7th Forming Technology Forum in September 2014.

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