From ukulele songs to exploding balloons – MatWerk Slam´s creative speeches MatWerk Slam, 23 September 2014

The MatWerk Slam speech contest was organized by the DGM-Ausbildungsausschuss in the frame of the MSE Congress 2014. The rules were simple: participants had to present a 10-minute creative speech about their thesis, lab experiment or any other idea.

The Jung-DGM´s local groups gave amusing short presentations on different topics related to the field of Materials Science and Engineering. The participants explained to the general public the main tasks of Material Scientists and Engineers in an understandable way. The success of Jung-DGM´s presentations was demonstrated as the laughter and applauses of the public could be heard throughout the A1 lecture room. 


From left to right: Domink Britz, Markus Kühbach


We would like to thank all our young academics for their commitment. In the same way, we want to extend a special acknowledgment to Jens Freudenberger, member of the Education Committee, for his engagement; as well as to Christian Karrasch who in spite of having just arrived from China made his way to Darmstadt in order to moderate the event.


It was fantastic to note that all participants gave their best during the contest. The applauses of the audience were measured with the help of a sound meter in order to determine the winners of the first, second and third place. Main and consolation prizes included a certificate from the DGM-Ausbildungsausschuss and vouchers for books from Springer. Congratulations to the winners and to all the participants! 

From left to right: Daniel Irmer, Jens Freudenberger, Rainer Münz, Annika Gambke, Stephan Siewert, Markus Baschke und Marta Schmidt 


Finally, we would like to highlight that the success of the event was possible thanks to the collaboration and the kind sponsoring of the Springer publishing house.