International Materials conference series on Frontiers in Materials Processing, Applications, Research and Technology (FiMPART)

Current generation is ruled by a variety of materials. Materials are fundamental to our civilization. We have come a long way into innovating new materials for all kind of applications. One cannot single out a specific material for an application. It is always a combination of materials with diverse properties that come together to address the need.

It is hence important for materials scientists to develop a holistic understanding of the materials domain, even if not in depth. Awareness of the properties of materials under various conditions is a must. Material properties limit material performance. FiMPART is an initiative to promote such awareness on the whole gamut of materials, their properties, ways of testing, their performance and mitigation methods in case of issues.

FiMPART, a MRSS & DGM endorsed conference series, is first of its kind to cover all major areas of materials research under one common platform. The meeting and discussions in this conference are targeted at enabling innovation. FiMPART will cover all aspects of materials research, processing, fabrication, structure/property evaluation, applications of ferrous, non-ferrous, ceramic, polymeric materials and composites including biomaterials, materials for energy, fuel cells/hydrogen storage technologies, batteries, super-capacitors, nano-materials for energy and structural applications, aerospace structural metallic materials, bulk metallic glasses and other advanced materials. 

Oral and poster presentations dealing with the various conference topics will be included in the conference program. In addition to contributed presentations, the conference committee has invited eminent internationally known researchers in key areas of materials research, processing/manufacturing from various countries to deliver Plenary/Keynote lectures at FiMPART'2017. FiMPART series would be held annually across the globe. In 2015 FiMPART was held in India with participation from 47 countries and over 350 presentations. This second International Conference is to be held in Bordeaux, France. The steering committee consists of esteemed researchers from Japan, Korea, France, USA, UK, India, Taiwan and several other countries on International Advisory board. 

FiMPART covers diverse topics of importance under 24 different symposia. The symposia topics have been carefully chosen so as to enable broader interaction that can lead to innovation. The overarching symposia topics are as listed below: 

  1. Accelerated Materials Discovery 
  2. Biomaterials 
  3. Corrosion (inclusive of elevated temp. reactions) 
  4. Electronic Materials 
  5. Energy Storage (including Batteries)
  6. Ferrous alloys (all Fe base alloys) 
  7. High Entropy Alloys 
  8. Light Alloys (Al, Ti, Mg etc for space and aerospace applications, Biomedical etc) 
  9. Magnetic Materials 
  10. Materials Characterization 
  11. Materials for elevated temperatures (Superalloys, Intermetallics, Ceramics, Refractory etc) 
  12. Materials for Energy 
  13. Materials Performance 
  14. Materials Processing (Additive manufacturing, welding & joining, casting, forming, residual stresses, etc) 
  15. Metallic glasses 
  16. Modelling and Simulation 
  17. Nano/Nano-structured Materials 
  18. Non-Destructive Testing 
  19. Polymers, Ceramics and Composites 
  20. Powder Metallurgy 
  21. Science and Technology Policies in Materials Research 
  22. Smart Materials 
  23. Surface Engineering & Tribology 
  24. Women in Engieering

The full informatiobn can be downloaded found here.

Additional information can be found on the FiMPART-website.