JUNIOR EUROMAT 2014 | Abstract Submission Deadline: 3 March 2014!

Don’t miss the chance to contribute to the JUNIOR EUROMAT 2014. The deadline is approaching.  

The FEMS President and the President of the DGM would like to draw your attention to the conference JUNIOR EUROMAT 2014 - The Major Event for Young Materials Scientists which takes place from 21 to 25 July 2014 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The conference is intended for young materials scientists. JUNIOR EUROMAT is an excellent opportunity for young researchers to gather experience at an international conference in a relaxed and familiar atmosphere. Young scientists present their thesis or first results of their PhD or master's degree in a short presentation accompanied by a poster. They will also meet top-class scientists who give plenary talks and share information about their field of activities. JUNIOR EUROMAT is a great event to socialize with other young researchers in the field of materials science and engineering. An event you will never forget!

Topics include: ??

A - Mechanical Properties: Plastic Deformation, Fatigue, Fracture, Creep?
B - Magnetic Properties, Superconductivity, Electronic Materials?
C - Corrosion, Wear, Biocompatibility?
D - Fundamental Aspects: Diffusion, Transformation, Dislocation Theory?
E - Metals: Al-, Mg-, Ti-, Ni- Alloys, Steel, Intermetallics, MMCs, Foams?
F - Ceramics, CMC, Glass?
G - Polymers, Polymer-based Composites?
H - Processing: Casting, Rolling, Extrusion, Powder Technology, Machining, Joining?
I - Surface Engineering: Laser, Spraying, CVD?
K - Simulation Methods and Modelling Methods
L - Materials Characterisation: Mechanical Testing, Advanced Analytical Techniques NDE, Materialography?
M - Biomimetic and Bioinspired Approaches; Biofunctional Materials?
N - Nanostructured Materials?
P - Electronic and Photonic Materials

Submit your abstract here: JUNIOR EUROMAT 2014 - Submission of a poster abstract

More Information at: JUNIOR EUROMAT 2014 - The Major Event for Young Materials Scientists