Dear DGM members, dear DGM friends,

After the wonderful celebrations during the past calendar year in honor of the 100th anniversary of the DGM, together with you the Advisory Board is looking forward to the tasks and challenges ahead of us. These should and will be tackled together, as the lively exchange and constant dialogue has always been one of the cornerstones for the ongoing development of DGM's own structures as well as materials science and materials engineering in general.

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The DGM Advisory Board held its regular meeting in mid-February. The points mentioned above were explicitly addressed and emphasized several times. As proof of the importance and effectiveness of the Advisory Board, a quick glance at the list of participants was enough to show that the initially contemplative group has now grown into a strong, 20-member body. Thanks to representatives from science, industry, research funding and associations, the most diverse, mutually beneficial DGM branches are represented within the Advisory Board.

During the Advisory Board meeting, the focus was on a review of the events that took place in 2019, such as the "Materials Week" and the 100-year DGM anniversary celebration, and above all on looking ahead. The further development of the "Materials Science and Engineering Congress" (MSE) being held in September, the internationalization of DGM in general as well as the members‘ emotional attachment to DGM, and the digitization process in times of media change were constructively discussed.

"Handing over the baton" within the DGM advisory board

In accordance with the official statutes of the DGM Advisory Board, its spokesperson, Prof. Dr. Martina Zimmermann (Technical University of Dresden), and her deputy, Dr. Oliver Schauerte (Volkswagen AG), were honoured for their commitment. We hope to be able to continue the excellent work during the new term of office and see the handing over of the "baton" as an obligation to further advance the initiated projects and ideas – together with the other committees and all members.

Should you have any suggestions, wishes or ideas, or simply feel the urge to help shape the future oft he DGM: We and the entire Advisory Board are always ready to listen to you!

In this regard, we are looking forward to a lively dialogue and the beginning of the still young, second DGM-Centennium.


Dr. Tina Schlingmann                               

Sprecherin DGM-Beirat 

Deutsche Bahn AG 

Prof. Dr. Mathias Göken

Stellvertretender Sprecher DGM-Beirat

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU)