Dear members and friends of the DGM,

On 27 November 2019 we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of our organization in Berlin, close to the Brandenburg Gate, in the immediate vicinity of the place where in 1919 a group of respected, farsighted and responsible men from the metal industry and research came together to found the DGM. Even then, the meeting place - like our celebration site today - stood in the middle of political and social life, right at the pulse of time. The founding fathers were already aware that the future of Germany as a business location and the well-being of society depended to a great extent on the development of new materials.

Detailed information can be found in our anniversary brochure "100 Years of DGM", to which the culture and science journalist Dr. Thomas Köster contributed a summarizing article that richly illustrates descriptively selected "highlights" to show the cornerstones that have shaped our society and the role of DGM as a bridge between science and industry – as well as the innovations in the course of its history. 

In addition, a scientifically-historically extended edition "100 Jahre DGM 1919-2019” is available by Prof. Dr. Helmut Maier, head of the DGM Expert Committee "History". The book documents how the DGM has successfully represented the interests of its members for over a century, even in turbulent times: as a "patron for the continuous development of content, structure and personnel in the field of materials science and materials technology.” 

Today the field is becoming more and more diverse: The proportion of women is rising continuously and the younger generation is also playing an increasingly important role. The thinkers of 1919, however, laid the foundations for such innovations in their foresight. It is important to continue to build on this in an innovative way: For the benefit of our members, our specialist field - and ultimately also for the benefit of Germany as a business location and our democratic society.

With this in mind, I hope you enjoy reading our newsletter. And I hope to see you again at our anniversary event in Berlin at the end of November. 

Dr.-Ing. Frank O.R. Fischer
Managing Member of the Management Board DGM