Masters and PhDs: Real-time and in-situ scattering methods with synchrotron and neutron beams - International

The Israel Institute of Technology is looking for motivated candidates for international projects with neutron and synchrotron beams in the field of materials science. Special topics are 1) forming processes and microstructure development towards nanocrystalline, heterogeneous materials outside of thermodynamic equilibrium and 2) high-resolution investigations of structural changes in functional materials under external excitation.


The work enables global international experience with academic affiliation and degree at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel, and supervision at the Guangdong Technion in Shantou, China. Experiments are conducted globally, mainly at large research facilities in Germany, USA, France, Australia, Japan and China.

Methods: high-energy synchrotron radiation; neutron radiation; diffraction; electron microscopy; metallography; temperature measurements; electronics; ultrasound; computer-aided data evaluation; programming


Supervision is provided very personally and in cooperation with the respective local professors on site.

The advertisement remains open until all positions are filled.


General information about the graduate program can be found under: