MSE Plenary Speakers 2016

International prestigious scientists, who are connected very closely to the DGM, will report from their research emphasizes in 2016. The invited plenary guests will take on a long travel, for example from Australia or News Zealand on themselves to co-create this years MSE. A special thanks to:

  • Peter Greil, University of Erlangen-Nuernberg; Title of his lecture: „Biomorphous Ceramics

  • Jörg F. Löffler; ETH Zürich; Title of his lecture: „Metallic biomaterials for absorbable implant applications

  • Yuri Estrin;Monash University, Melbourne;  Title of his lecture: „Ultrafine grained metallic materials for permanent and bioresorbable medical implants

  • Patrice E. A. Turchi; Ex-TMS-Präsident; Title of his lecture: „Why is alloy theory still a matter of principles?

  • Laurent Pambaguian; European Space Agency, The Netherlands; Title of his lecture: „Additive Manufacturing for space industry

  • Christoph Bartneck; HIT Lab NZ, New Zealand; “Material Challenges in Human Robot Interaction

  • Cesar A. Barbero; Universidad Nacional de Rio Cuarto, Argentina; Title of his lecture: „Smart Polymeric Nanocomposites and Polymer Alloys. Synthesis and Applications