The plenary lectures on the MSE2018 are now complete!

With Elizabeth A. Holm from Carnegie Mellon University in the USA, the plenary speakers at the MSE 2018 Materials Science and Engineering Congress- September 26 - 28, 2018 in Darmstadt are complete. In addition, the corresponding abstracts are now online.

What can you expect at the MSE 2018 in Darmstadt?
MSE2018 focuses on top-class plenary lectures with valuable professional inspiration and active networking with the specialist community.

We look forward to the following internationally renowned plenary speakers and their presentations at MSE2018:

Mirta I. Aranguren:
Films and composites from cellulose nanocrystals: Thermal, viscoelastic and mechanical properties

Hans-Jürgen Christ:
Fatigue life assessment and microstructure optimization of structural materials by means of mechanism-based modelling of  short crack growth

Oliver Gutfleisch:
Rare earth high performance magnets for energy applications: Demand, sustainability and the reality of  alternatives

Elizabeth A. Holm:
The multifaceted roles of machine intelligence in materials science and engineering

Lars Hultman:
Physical Metallurgy Meets Advanced Surface Engineering: Self-organized Nanostructure Formation in Functional Nitride Alloy Thin Films

Dierk Raabe:
Segregation and Transformation at Lattice Defects as Microstructure Design Toolbox

More detailed information on the plenary lectures can be found here.

Further information about the MSE2018 can be found on the Homepage.

Lecture times will be announced shortly!

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