The second European Symposium-Intelligent Materials in Kiel

The second European Symposium on Intelligent Materials will take place in Kiel from 10-12 of June 2015.

The symposium will bring together international researchers in the field of intelligent materials in order to present and discuss recent developments and detect future trends. It will address four general topics:

A - New intelligent materials,

B – Microstructural characterization of intelligent materials and correlation with their functional properties,

C – Theory and Modeling of intelligent materials on different scales, and

D – Applications of intelligent materials.

At the first evening of the conference the Christian-Albrechts-Lecture will take as a special event of this conference. The lecture is funded by the University of Kiel due to the 350th anniversary of the university and is open for the public.

Richard Fu from Northumbria University (UK) will come to Kiel and give a talk about thin film intelligent materials for biological and lab-on-a-chip applications.

Further highlights of this conference will be the twelve invited speakers whose talks will cover a wide range of aspects of intelligent materials.

Topics include biodegradable materials (Jake D. Cao, ETH Zürich, and Diego Mantovani, Laval University), bio-inspired materials (Peter Fratzl, Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces and André R. Studart, ETH Zürich), and biomaterials (Cornelia Lee-Thedieck, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), as well as functional nanomaterials (Matthias Epple, University Duisburg-Essen, Ya Wang from Stony Brook University, and Franz Faupel, University of Kiel), multiferroic materials (Nian Sun, Northeastern University and Jeffrey McCord, University of Kiel). Furthermore, switchable materials (Anne Staubitz, University of Kiel) and shape memory materials (Rodrigo Lima de Miranda, Acquandas GmbH) will be essential topics of the conference.

On Thursday, June 11, there will be a social evening with a trip on the restored, traditional ship MS “Stadt Kiel”. Built in 1934, the ship was hit by a bomb shortly after completion and sank. It was repaired in Svendborg, Denmark, and brought back to Kiel. Since 1983 the association "Förderverein MS 'Stadt Kiel' e. V." works with its volunteers for the preservation of this landmark of the city of Kiel.

We are sure that we will have a very informative and interesting meeting and would like to encourage you and your colleagues to attend this conference.

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We are looking forward to welcoming you in Kiel in June

Christine Selhuber-Unkel and Eckhard Quandt

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