USA Germany Networking Symposium

This year the “Nachwuchsforum” (young researchers forum) included a new special event, the USA Germany Networking Symposium. Like all events from the “Nachwuchsforum”, this day-long symposium was planned and organized by students.

The USA-Germany Networking Symposium is aimed at presenting various career possibilities in the US as well as in Germany. They also serve to enhance the exchange between young researchers from those countries. American as well as German speakers from different professional backgrounds, from students to professors, shared their experiences about studying, researching and/or teaching in a foreign country. As a result, the broad range of presentation topics led to a diverse group of participants. From undergraduate students, who are not sure yet which way is the best to go abroad, be it through an internship, a thesis or study opportunity; to PhD students, who think about doing a postdoc abroad. We, the organizers and students ourselves, were thrilled by the group of young researchers who attended this event.  Therefore we are looking forward to the next “Nachwuchsforum” at the MSE 2018. The Argentina-Germany Networking Symposium will follow much of the same spirit as the USA-Germany symposium: Mainly, young researchers teaching and learning from fellow young researchers in this cross cultural context.