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Questions about events?

You have questions regarding events?

Send us your enquiry or call us!

Questions please at 069-75306-750 or

How do I receive my conference documents?

If it doesn't say otherwise on the conference homepage, the conference documents will be handed out at the conference and not sent in advance.

Is it possible to take part in an event for one day only?

Unless specifically shown on an event page, there are no daily tickets to the event. Please send your inquiry per email to the organisation of the conference in question.

When will I be informed as to whether or not my contribution has been accepted?

After the arrangements have been finalised by the PA, the authors receive notification if, and in which category, the contribution has been accepted. The apporoximate time frame for notification can be seen on the conference homepage under "keydates".

Can colleague take over my presentation and participate in my place?

It is possible to name a replacement participant or a replacement author. However, the relevant conference oraginisers must be informed of this change by email before the start of the event.

DGM-branch office

Visitor Address

DGM - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde e.V.
Wallstraße 58/59
10179 Berlin

Phone: +49-69-75306-750
Fax: +49-69-75306-733


Mailing Address

DGM - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde e.V.
Marie-Curie-Straße 11 - 17
53757 Sankt Augustin

Executive Member of the Managing Board

Dr.-Eng. Frank O.R. Fischer


Phone: +49(0)151-25330829

  • Manager of the DGM branch office
  • Executive Director of INVENTUM GmbH
  • Overall responsibility for the development of DGM as defined by the DGM-Concept

Consultant and Management Representative

Dr. Stefan Klein


Phone: +49(0)175-1145397

  • support of the management
  • representation of the member's interests
  • supervision of technical committees and regional panels
  • supervision of the transfer of technology and third-party funds projects
  • contact to the national and international DGM-Network


Dipl.-Eng. Stephan Siewert


Phone: +49(0)69-75306-750

  • contact person for trainee development
  • supervision and organisation of the DGM Trainee Panel
  • point of contact of the Studientages MatWerk - STMW