Questions about membership

Questions about membership?

You have questions about your membership or would like to become a  DGM member ?

Please call us or send us your enquiry!

Tel. 069-75306-750 or email

Do I receive written confirmation of membership?

Yes, as soon as the application has been processed, you will receive confirmation by email as well as an invoice for the membership fee.

Can I pay the membership fee by bank transfer?

Payment by bank transfer is possible. However, we recommend payment by direct debit as it is less costly.

I need written confirmation or an invoice for the tax office

The membership invoice will suffice for presentation to the tax office.

At what point after submitting the membership application am I a member?

As soon as the application has been processed and you have received an email confirming this. After the membership fee has been paid, you have the right to reduced participation fees for conferences and you will have access to other member's details.

How do I cancel my membership?

Cancellation is only possible once all requirements have been fulfilled. Membership will be automatically extended by a further twelve months once a year has been completed (as of 01.01.2016 this is understood as the date of entry), should no cancellation be received in writing at least 3 months before the end of the current subscription year. Members who joined before 01.01.2016 must please cancel the membership in writing at least three months before the end of the calendar year.