Materials science concerns us all!

For students!

Actually, you’re already on the right track! You are interested in a field that represents our future like no other. More than two thirds of all new products are based on innovative materials. In Germany alone, the materials-based branches of industry (not including the building sector) earn around a trillion Euros. Five million people are employed here and that figure rises every day. Whoever studies materials science and engineering (MatWerk) is studying the future: for society, Germany as an industrial location – and, above all else – for oneself.

The German Materials Society (DGM) offers students many opportunities to get involved and informed, alongside their studies. Whoever stands out in our network in a positive way, is assured of a career!

Locally, the involvement in Young-DGM Local Groups is possible. Unity creates strength and great success begins at the foundation. That’s why the local groups of the Young-DGM (yDGM) offer students and doctoral candidates a meeting place on their doorstep. Tours of factories or institutes as well as further training seminars and information events are offered in addition to the participation in the DGM Young Talent Forum. The local groups are organized by the students and doctoral candidates themselves, with energetic support from the DGM, for a joint foundation which each individual can build on and be proud of.

Whoever wants to be more involved should apply for a position on the DGM Young Talent Committee. Here, the course is set and the direction is determined!

As a guideline, the DGM-Study Handbook gives students an overview of the Master’s Degree in Materials Science and Engineering. In addition, it gives information on study opportunities, admission regulations, fees and scholarships, advice opportunities and much more.

For a great experience, visit the DGM-Media libraryDGM-Facebook or the DGM-Materials-Club on XING.

To make initial contact with science or industry, the DGM Technical Committees and DGM-Excursions are open to you! Early networking is everything!

Everything that DGM has to offer young talent is available to download in the DGM-Young Talent Brochure!