Young-DGM Karlsruhe

Young-DGM Karlsruhe

Founded: on 30th Oktober 2014

Spokesperson: Fabian Kinn
Vice-spokesperson: Christian Stern

Aims and Duties:

  • Cross-year networking of students and doctoral candidates at KIT 
  • Exchange with industry and research
  • National networking
  • Involvement in the materials science community
  • On-site contact for new students 
  • Career advice

We offer therefore, among other things:

  • MatWerk informal meetings
  • Tours of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  • Regional and national excursions to businesses of interest to students of materials science,
  • Joint participation in DGM events
  • Specialised lectures and themed evenings for exchange between students and lecturers
  • Professors-breakfast

For further information just email: