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which is the right material - Aluminium, Magnesium or Titanium - for your advanced light weight design? 

The International Congress on Light Materials –Science and Technology (LightMAT2013) held in from 3rd  to 5th  September in Bremen gives a comprehensive overview and new insight into the three most important light metals Aluminium, Magnesium and Titanium and their (promising) combinations. 

The LightMAT2013 topics address their processing and specific product issues and technologies involved in their use in advanced light-weight transport systems and structural applications.

The conference gives a deep insight into the basics, the specific requirements, how they can be met by each of the three modern light-weight materials, individually or in their combination in advanced multi-material design, including specific enabling technologies, joining and corrosion issues.

LightMAT2013 provides a platform for academic and industrial researchers, scientists and engineers to present and discuss the recent development and progress made in Magnesium, Aluminium, Titanium and their alloys and materials combinations. The sessions are organized beyond pure metal issues, but address common processes and main applications, intended to provide comparison and cross fertilization, giving a wide overview of individual advances, problems and high-lights, covering: 

  • Conventional and advanced light weight applications and products in automotive, aerospace and other relevant transport and building systems
  • Fundamental aspects of the three light weight metals and their alloys, their processing and (physical) metallurgy issues involved
  • Microstructure evolution, related properties and advanced simulation
  • Industrial fabrication, processing and joining issues

The LightMAT2013 addresses industry as well as academia and emphasizes the strong connection ­between both. It also encourages participation and acquainting of young engineers and students.

Plenary, Lectures and Poster presentations cover the following topics: 

  • A - Processing
  • B - Applications
  • C - Alloy Development
  • D - Composites-Compounds
  • E - Characterization
  • F - Sustainability

The conference will be accompanied by an extensive, specialized industrial exhibition. Are you interested in supporting  the conference and in presenting your company/institute?

Please feel free to contact the Exhibition Office, Alexia Ploetz (INVENTUM GmbH, Phone: +49 (0) 151 2122 7448,  e-mail: for any questions or proposals regarding your company’s presentation. To open the exhibiton an sponsoring opportunities click here.

We wish you a pleasant and exciting conference experience, and we are looking forward to meeting you in Bremen. 

The conference Chairs

Prof. Dr.-Ing. K.U. Kainer (Chairman Magnesium)
Prof. Dr. J. Hirsch (Chairman Aluminium)
Prof. Dr. C. Leyens (Chairman Titanium)

PS: The conference programme is now available for download