3rd INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM of the Transregio 67 March 20-21, 2020 in Leipzig

Dear colleagues,

we cordially invite you to the third international conference Frontiers in Biomaterial Science organized by our collaborative research centre TRR SFB 67.

The symposium focuses on the following TOPICS:

  • Innovative Biomaterials
  • Bone inflammation and regeneration
  • Wound healing and repair
  • Special Topic: Interleukin-17
  • Highlights from the Transregio 67

We will present the most interesting projects from our collaborative research centre. Moreover, the city of Leipzig situated in the heart of Europe has a rich history both in culture and science and offers multitude of historic sites to visit. We are very grateful to the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, the Technische Universität Dresden and the Leipzig University for their support of our meeting of our Symposium.

We hope, we see you in Leipzig.

Prof. Dr. Jan Simon
Prof. Dr. Lorenz Hofbauer