6th Forming Technology Forum 2013

The strategic focus of the 6th Forming Technology Forum 2013 lies in the Modelling of process chains and interfaces for sheet metal forming. 

Industrial processes get more and more complex, especially in the field of sheet metal forming. Many steps have to be performed until the requests concerning design, part properties and manufacturing strategies are achieved. Within that framework the global treatment and consideration of process chains for sheet metal forming is mandatory in order to be able to utilize synergy effects. Interfaces between the different process steps and models of these sophisticated process chains enable more efficient strategies both for the design and the manufacturing processes. This gives rise to reduction of development time, simultaneously effort, but also an increase in quality, what is essentially for competitive sheet metal forming in future. Hence the strategic topic of the conference is promising for industry as well as for researchers acting in the thematic area of sheet metal forming.

The conference will be splitted into two parallel sessions; a research-academic and an industrial-application oriented one. Thus, besides an overall representation of all relevant topics, a good balance between academic approaches and the realization in practice is guaranteed. Conference language for the research session is English, while for the application session the speaker has the choice between English and German.

The conference will take place at the Haus der bayerischen Landwirtschaft in Herrsching (near Munich), Germany. The location is situated in a remote place near the Ammersee. Beside the participation in the conference Herrsching also offers the chance of resting in an Arcadian atmosphere. While having a get-together-dinner at the famous Andechs Monastery, there will not only be the possibility for further discussion and to engross the impressions of the presentations and talks, but also for networking in a cozy and chummily circle.

Prof. Dr. W. Volk
Technische Universität München, Munich

Prof. Dr. P. Hora
Institute of Virtual Manufacturing, ETH, Zurich

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