About the Conference Euro Hybrid Materials and Structures

Productivity, energy efficiency and the saving of natural resources play a very important role in the development of modern technical systems. This concerns all kinds of vehicles as well as mechanical and civil engineering. Often innovative materials prepare the way for the introduction of new technologies. In most cases high performance components cannot be designed of just one material. To make use of the specific features of a material it is necessary to combine several materials, especially for lightweight constructions. One speaks of multimaterial designs or hybrid structures if this combination of materials is achieved through inseparable connections. The word "hybrid" has its origins in Greece and means mixed or mixed origins. This results in special requirements in the joining and manufacturing technology, the design methods and scores of further aspects.

The second "Euro Hybrid Materials and Structures" conference deals with the complete range of hybrid concepts, from the material to the design, from the manufacturing to application. An effective and resource efficient use of materials requires a deep understanding of the material and component behaviour in the application.

The conference´s goal is the exchange of knowledge across disciplines and between science and industry. To achieve this, a variety of presentations with practical orientation and discussions with scientific background will be offered. The conference language is German. Proceedings will be published in English.

We look forward to meeting you in Kaiserslautern

Joachim M. Hausmann

Institut für Verbundwerkstoffe GmbH

Marc Siebert

PFH - Private Hochschule Göttingen


A Basis of hybrid materials and structures

A1 Material compatibleness

A2 Thermal residual stresses

A3 Interface engineering, including aging and corrosion

B Characterisation

B1 Mechanical testing

B2 Non-destructive testing and quality assurance

B3 Micro-analytical investigation

C Material behaviour while processing

C1 Processing of hybrid materials

C2 Manufacturing of Hybrid Components

C3 Joining Technology for hybrid structures

C4 Processing of hybrid materials and structures

D Design of hybrid structures

E Recycling, repair and maintenance

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