Aussteller zur Werkstoffwoche 2017 in Dresden: Tribotecc GmbH

Tribotecc GmbH is the global market and technology leader for high performance metal sulfides based in Austria. In addition we develop and produce other inorganic specialties, partly in close relationship with our customers.

Our metal sulfides show excellent properties in tribology, catalytic conversion, energy storage, semi-conductor, electrochemistry, thermoelectricity and powder metallurgy. Additionally they are versatile functional materials able to meet exceptional demands. Tribotecc® synthetic products are available in industrial scale and can be further customized.

Our claim ...more than performance is your guarantee for best quality, innovative products, compliance with all relevant safety and environmental standards, comprehensive customer service.

Tribotecc GmbH is a member of the Treibacher Group

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Tribotecc GmbH

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