Euro LightMAT2013
International Congress and Exhibition on Light Materials – Aluminium, Magnesium, Titanium and their Alloys

The conference combines the three most important light metals Aluminium, Magnesium and Titanium and their (suitable) combinations, giving a broad overview of actual use in light-weight design and advanced modern transport systems and structural applications. It includes a deep insight into the basics, the specific product requirements and how they are met by each of these conventional light-weight materials, or by their combination in advanced multi-materials design, including specific joining and corrosion issues.

Conference chairs:

  • Prof. Dr. Jürgen Hirsch, Hydro Aluminium Rolled Products GmbH, Bonn (Aluminium)
  • Prof. Dr. Karl Ulrich Kainer, Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht (Magnesium)
  • Prof. Dr. Christoph Leyens, Technische Universität Dresden (Titanium)

Programme committee:

  • Dr. A. Förderreuther, RLE International GmbH, Sindelfingen
  • Dr. M. Goede, Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg
  • Dr. N. Hort, Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht
  • Prof. O. Keßler, University of Rostock
  • Dr. M. Knüwer, Airbus Bremen
  • Dipl.-Ing. H. Masuch, Daimler AG, Bremen
  • Dr. M. Schaper, Leibniz University Hanover
  • Dr. T. Seefeld, BIAS Bremen
  • Dr. W. Sillekens, European Space Agency (ESA), Noordwijk, NL
  • Dr. G. Terlinde, Otto Fuchs KG, Meinerzhagen
  • Prof. F. Vollertsen, BIAS Bremen
  • Dr. A. von Hehl, Stiftung Institut für Werkstofftechnik, Bremen
  • Prof. L. Wagner, Technical University of Clausthal
  • Dr. J. Weise, IFAM Bremen
  • Dr. J. Wesemann, Ford Forschungszentrum Aachen GmbH
  • Dr. D. Wieser, Alcoa Europe, Bonn
  • Prof. H.-W. Zoch, University of Bremen

The conference provides a platform for academic and industrial researchers, scientists and engineers to present and discuss the recent development and progress made in the scientific field of Aluminium, Magnesium, Titanium and their Alloys. The sessions are organized in main applications, intended to provide optimum comparison and a broad overview of specific advances, problems and high-lights, covering:

  • Conventional and advanced light-weight applications and products in automobiles, aerospace and other relevant transport and building systems
  • Fundamental aspects of the 3 light-weight alloys and their (physical) metallurgy
  • Microstructure evolution, related properties and advanced simulation
  • Industrial fabrication, processing and joining issues

The conference addresses industry as well as academia especially emphasizing the strong connection between the two. It also encourages young engineers and students to participating and networking.

Keynote and overview presentations are planed on the following topics by:

  • Academics on the frontiers of fundamental and applied science, such as alloy design and advanced processing including computational modeling.
  • Industrials on technology-based issues and processing, including applied simulation along the entire process chain
  • Customers on recent application and markets issues, such as transport and building.

The list of topics addressed in the Call for Abstracts for the LightMAT 2013:

Alloy Development, Application (Aerospace, Automotive, Transportation, Energy, Building, Packaging), Casting and Solidification, Characterisation, Composites & Compounds, Corrosion, Forming & Formability, Joining Technology, Mechanical Properties, Novel Materials, Phase Transformation, Powder Metallurgy, Recrystallisation & Texture, Recycling, Simulation & Modelling, Thermomechanical Processing, Surface Treatment, Environmental Behavior, Multi-Materials Systems, Biomaterials, Materials- & Resource-Efficiency, Stratetic Materials Aspects, Risk Accessment

The deadline for the submission of abstracts is 4 March 2013!

An exhibition will be run throughout the whole conference. Coffee breaks and poster sessions will be held close to the exhibition area. Take the chance to represent your company to a specific audience. If you are interested in a sponsorship opportunity or becoming an exhibitor please contact the exhibition office:


We're looking forward to receiving your contribution!

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Hirsch,
Hydro Aluminium
Prof. Dr. Karl Ulrich Kainer,
Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht
Prof. Dr. Christoph Leyens,
Dresden University of Technology


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