Five Q&A: Michael Kaminsky

‘I learned to take part in things around me and not just to let them happen’. 

Michael Kaminsky is the head coordinator of the Organization Committee and responsible for public relations of the International Students’ Day of Metallurgy (ISDM). The ISDM is an annual conference organized by and for students of metallurgy and other related disciplines; it enhances the sharing of professional experiences, networking and contact with different companies.

What do you think makes TU Clausthal University unique?

Clausthal University of Technology has a strong tradition of quality education. In Germany it is amongst the top ranked universities and it holds a solid reputation abroad. For example, in China TU Clausthal is very well known, even more than bigger universities. Because of this, we receive every year a large number of international students and that makes everything more interesting.

How did you come up with the idea of organising the ISDM Conference in Clausthal?

I came up with the idea the first time that I went to an ISDM Conference.  I found it was an amazing experience, especially the exchange of ideas from students coming from all across Europe and the possibility of meeting our future employers. At the end of the conference I thought: “This is something very interesting, we should have this also in Clausthal!”  I talked to people that could be interested and we worked together to make this possible.  

But you do not receive an economic remuneration for the organization of the event.  What keeps you going forward?

I like being part of the organization because since young I have been aware of how important it is to be involved in the community. I learned to take part in things around me and not just to let them happen.  Plus, I have not done this alone, there are many other students who have volunteered as well without receiving any money for it. Without all the organization committee things would not have been possible.

What have you learnt from the organization of the ISDM 2014?

I have learned about team work, organization, how to establish contacts and to plan a project. Also, how to manage myself in unexpected and complicated situations when you have to stay calm at all moments.  None of these things are taught at University and they are useful skills for our future career.

Last but not least, which are the best places for going out in Clausthal?

My two favourite places for a good night out are KellerClub and Querschlag. Kellerclub is managed by students with live concerts of all genres and Querschlag is managed by the Student Mining Council and industrial engineering and throws very good parties as well.