INTERVIEW: Klaudia Lichtenberg, 2nd place at the poster presentation during the Verbundwerkstoffe Congress in Vienna

Dipl.-Ing. Klaudia Lichtenberg, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT). Innovative Aluminum based Metallic Glass Particle reinforced MMCs produced by Gas Pressure Infiltration

Could you please tell us what are you studying and which is your specialization area?

At Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), I work in the research group Hybrid and Lightweight Materials within the Institute of Applied Materials (IAM). My specialization area includes three topics: Metal matrix composites (MMCs), metallic glasses and gas pressure infiltration. My current research is about combining these three topics – the characterization of innovative aluminum based metallic glass particle reinforced MMCs produced by gas pressure infiltration.

When and how did you first hear about the Verbundwerkstoffe Congress and how was your experience? 

I first heard about the Verbundwerkstoffe Congress two weeks after I started working at KIT in 2013. Verbundwerkstoffe Congress then took place another two weeks later in Karlsruhe, all my colleagues of the research group participated and I was allowed to join, too. I already learnt to appreciate the relaxed and familiar atmosphere at the Congress back then and this experience was renewed in Vienna this year. The social evening is always a highlight of the Congress.

What is the impact of the prize that you obtained during the poster presentation on your career? What was your presentation about?

The presentation was about my current research (see above). I showed my latest results about the feasibility of embedding metallic glass particles in a metal matrix by melt infiltration and a first assessment of the compound’s mechanical properties.

At this point of my career, an impact of the prize is not foreseeable to me.

Which are your career and research plans?

The next step I aspire in my career is to complete my PhD. And then… let’s see!

Which are your hobbies?

I really like to do sports - volleyball, climbing, hiking, kayaking... As balance, I’m also part of the jazz choir JCK at KIT.


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