MSE Exhibition: GTT-Gesellschaft für Technische Thermochemie und -physik mbH

GTT-Gesellschaft für Technische Thermochemie und -physik mbH, Herzogenrath has been active in the area of computer-based thermochemistry since its foundation in 1983. GTT develops and supplies simulation software and the needed databases. On this basis, it is nowadays possible to predict phase formation and reactions in multicomponent systems.


Our flagship product is the integrated thermochemical database system FactSage, that is employed today by more than a thousand users in science and industry to understand and to optimize materials and processes. In addition to FactSage, GTT offers also the programming library ChemApp and process simulation software Simusage, to connect equilibrium calculations with material flows and in this way to describe the whole process on a thermochemical basis.

After many decades of compilation and evaluation of thermochemical databases, it is today possible to perform simulations for almost all current inorganic materials and also for some organic materials!


GTT-Gesellschaft für Technische Thermochemie und -physik mbH

Kaiserstraße 103
52134 Herzogenrath
+49 (0)2407 59533


From September 22 to 25, 2020, the German Materials Society (DGM) is organizing the "Materials Science and Engineering Congress" (MSE), which this year is taking place entirely virtually. During the four-day conference there will be an exhibition where, among other things, the "GTT-Gesellschaft für Technische Thermochemie und -physik mbH" will be presented.

Further information about #MSE2020 can be found here!