MSE Exhibition: Synton-MDP AG

Synton-MDP is a manufacturer of diamond stylus for mictrotechnical instruments. Most of the diamond tips are used in metrological equipment (surface finish, profile, form, nano-indentation, hardness, scratch, compressiontest, bendtest and other characteristics).


We specialize in small spherical diamond tips, with a high level of dimensional accuracy in ultra-compact configurations, and diamond points with razor sharp edges. We have mastered the processes for manufacturing measuring tips that are used at very high temperatures (up to 1000°C). In addition to diamond tips, Synton-MDP also manufactures measuring tips in alternative, ultra-hard materials such as sapphire, WC, SiC, B4C and CBN. Our home is in the heart of the Swiss watch industry. These are the best conditions for us to partner with you for tips in ultra hard materials.


Synton-MDP AG

Helmstrasse 1
CH-2560 Nidau
+41 32 332 91 00


From September 22 to 25, 2020, the German Materials Society (DGM) is organizing the "Materials Science and Engineering Congress" (MSE), which this year is taking place entirely virtually. During the four-day conference there will be an exhibition where, among other things, the "Synton-MDP AG" will be presented.

Further information about #MSE2020 can be found here!