Young DGM visit MRS Meeting

From left: Lukas Porz, Oliver Kraft, Kathrin Grätz, Theresa Hanemann

Twice a year, the Materials Research Society (MRS) organizes the MRS Spring and Fall meeting. This is a week-long international conference with 52 Symposia from almost all the areas of Material Science. The MRS Fall meeting takes place in Boston each year just after Thanksgiving. In addition to the classic lecture sessions, there were also workshops on specific topics, poster evenings, a career fair and numerous social events such as a student mixer for international networking. Hence, the MRS is very similar to our MSE: both are very attractive to young scientists. Partly because of these similarities - and of course also due to the fact that Professor Oliver Kraft from KIT is the current President of MRS - the MRS is co-sponsor of our MSE next year.

At the moment three young DGM´s are in the US, Kathrin Grätz (Postdoc at the MIT), Theresa Hanemann (intern at Hydro Aluminium Technology Center in Michigan) and Lukas Porz (Master student at the MIT). We have taken the chance to take part in the fall meeting and to advertise the MSE. During a meeting at the conference with Prof. Kraft some ideas were already discussed in order to make the US-German networking symposium during the MSE interesting for German as well as American young scientists. We were very thankful to be able to participate in the MRS Fall Meeting 2015 in Boston and we look forward to the MSE next year.

Theresa Hanemann

Master student at the KIT Germany and member of the DGM-education committee

Further information about the MRS society and the MRS Fall Meeting are available here.