Why become a member?

Why become a member?

The DGM regards itself primarily as a representation of its members from science and industry all around the field of Materials Science and Engineering!

Its networking is central to this. For this purpose we organise a broad spectrum of events such as conferences, exhibitions, further training and in particular, young talent events.

The heart of the DGM are its committees, in which each year over 2,500 experts from science and industry interchange ideas in the field of materials science and engineering. So doing, the DGM directly contributes to progress in the field and therefore to the competitiveness of German industry.

Additionally, Firms und institutes receive special reductions.

Become a DGM-Member

§ 3 Membership

1. The association has individual and corporate members. Individual members are naturally people. Corporate members are companies, corporations, institutes and the like. Individual or corporate members can be full members or just sponsorship members. Insofar as the term "member" is used, it always only refers to full members. Full members have voting rights at the general meeting and can be elected to all company posts. Sponsorship members are not entitled to voting rights at the general meeting. Sponsorship members have the right, however, to take part in the general meeting and may speak out in an advisory capacity. Sponsorship members cannot be elected to the managing committee or the advisory board.

2. The membership of a sponsorship member begins (insofar as it has been applied for) with the payment of the participation fee. The managing committee will decide the DGM-Event to which an application should lead to a sponsorship membership. The full membership must be applied for in writing, by telex or electronically. It begins with the payment of the first membership fee. The change from sponsorship member to full member may be applied for at any time.

3. The admission cannot be in opposition to any legal regulations: the applicant is obliged to provide evidence where necessary. The application can be refused by the managing committee, without stating reasons.

4. Every form of membership expires as a result of resignation, exclusion or through legal regulations, with the exception of death (through clearance by legal representatives). With regard to the sponsorship membership, the following applies: the sponsorship membership is at all times a temporary membership and expires automatically, without the need for further action, twelve months after the payment of the last participation fee, which constituted the application for a sponsorship membership or the extension of an existing sponsorship membership.

5. Resignation may only take place once all responsibilities have been carried out. A written statement of resignation must be sent, subject to a period of notice of three months before the end of the membership year.

6. Exclusion may be declared by the managing committee, when valid reasons exist. This has immediate effect when due to legal regulations, the loss of civil rights, in cases of gross infringement of the statutes or the standing of society. A longstanding non-payment of the membership fee can also lead to exclusion.

7. The membership fee will be decided upon at the general meeting (§ 5 Ziffer 2 Buchst. d). For sponsorship members, the membership fee will be substituted by the participation at a DGM-Event which is subject to a charge.

8. As a particular honour, an honorary membership or an honorary chairmanship may be awarded through the unanimous decision of the board of management. Honorary members and honorary chairpersons have all the rights of a full member, without being subject to a membership fee.